COOP Staff News

July 2019

Anton Möller presenting at the 6th Regulating for Decent Work Conference
Mr Anton Möller has completed his six-month internship with ILO COOP on 12 July 2019. He contributed to the Unit’s work particularly on the development of training tools for cooperatives to improve their non-discrimination policies and on a study about the role of cooperatives in advancing decent work in global supply chains.

“During my internship with ILO COOP, I had the opportunity to gain insights in the diverse world of cooperatives and learn about the ILO’s work to advance decent work in and through cooperatives. Working with the COOP Unit and building on their expertise was a motivating experience and getting their feedback was enriching. One of the highlights of my internship was the Centenary session of the International Labour Conference, during which I could experience the inner workings of the unique organization that is the ILO. I am sure that I can draw on the experiences I made here in the future and am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with ILO COOP.”

January 2019

Mr Anton Möller joined ILO COOP in January 2019 as an intern. At COOP he will support the development of training tools for cooperatives to improve non-discrimination policies and practices with a special emphasis on gender-related discrimination. He will also examine the role of alternative business models in international trade and the improving cooperatives’ compliance with international labour standards. He holds a BA in political science and economics from University of Tübingen and a MA in Global Political Economy from University of Sussex. He speaks English and German.

November 2018

Ms Valentina Verze joined ILO COOP in November as Junior Professional Officer on Social and Solidarity Economy and the Future of Work. Ms Verze will work on a range of SSE-related issues, such as elaboration of researches, analyses and reports on cooperatives and other SSE enterprises; identification, design, implementation and monitoring of development cooperation projects; design and development of capacity building tools and strategies in the field of SSE and future of work; assisting the networking with ILO’s partners.

Before joining the ILO, Valentina was Country Representative of COSPE Onlus in Lebanon and worked as project manager in the Mediterranean area over the past four years, managing projects in the sector of development and international cooperation.

July 2018

Laura Cicciarelli
Ms Laura Cicciarelli left ILO COOP on 20 July 2018 to join the Development & Partnerships team of Chantier de l’économie sociale in Montreal, Canada. During her time at the ILO, she contributed to the Unit’s work on the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). In addition to the organization and coordination of the 8th and 9th ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy, she worked on the coordination of various sessions dedicated to SSE and the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development, also co-authoring a think piece on the topic. She coordinated the publication of various other works on SSE public policies and the future of work. Most recently, she worked on the coordination of a development cooperation project on Financial Mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems. She also ensured the secretariat of the UN Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy, during the ILO’s chairmanship of the task force.

"My time at the ILO has allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Being able to collaborate with so many talented individuals on a variety of topics has been most enriching. I bring with me all that I have learned and I am truly humbled to have been able to contribute to the promotion of social justice during this year and a half. I hope that my career will allow me to continue my work at the international level and foster the creation of bridge between civil society and global policy makers in the pursuit of true sustainable development."

June 2018

Annelien Gansemans
Ms Annelien Gansemans left ILO COOP on 30 June, to finish her PhD on plantation workers’ livelihoods in the pineapple sector of Costa Rica. During her tenure, she contributed to the Unit’s work through developing training tools for cooperatives to improve compliance with decent work standards, especially on the child labour issues, providing inputs for other training tools and brief notes, organizing events on cooperatives’ role in global supply chains, among others. 

“The diversity of tasks and immersion in an international environment formed a great learning opportunity. I gained a better understanding on how cooperatives work across different sectors from waste-pickers to home-based workers in the garment sector. It was also very motivating to work in team, get feedback and exchange with experts. I hope my future career path will take me abroad again to work with people in rural areas supporting their livelihoods and business opportunities.”

April 2018

Waltteri Katajamaki
Mr Waltteri Katajamaki left ILO COOP in mid-April, to take up a position of technical officer on rural economy at the ILO’s Sectoral Policies Department. He spent four years with COOP since 2013, contributing to the Unit’s work on a wide range of areas.

“My time at COOP has been extremely interesting and fruitful. We have managed to develop a good number of different and varied projects and tools to promote cooperative development across the globe. I’m sure that in my new position I will have a chance to continue supporting cooperative work as well. Cooperatives are absolutely key players in the rural economy, and contribute to the improvement of rural livelihoods in a variety of ways. There is a lot of potential to use the cooperative approach as a driver for rural development.”

Andrea Davila
Ms Andrea Davila joined ILO COOP as technical officer replacing Mr Katajamaki. Prior to COOP, she had worked at ILO Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch for eight years since 2010 on research, design and implementation of development cooperation projects, and the provision of technical advice on non-discrimination, child labour and forced labour in different regions. At COOP, she will work on the tool development, training, and development cooperation activities for cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises.

January 2018

Annelien Gansemans
Ms Annelien Gansemans joined ILO COOP as an intern in January 2018. She will support the development of a self-assessment tool for cooperatives to improve their compliance with decent work principles.

She holds an MSc in Rural Economics and Management and has been a PhD candidate in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Ghent University (Belgium) since December 2014. Her research focusses on the implications of EU trade for plantation workers’ livelihoods in Central America. She gained fieldwork experience in the pineapple sector of Costa Rica and with smallholder coffee farmers in Ecuador. Prior to her PhD, she assisted in a fair trade impact evaluation project at the Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia. She has a special research interest in corporate social responsibility and decent work in agricultural value chains.

November 2017

Young Hyun Kim
Mr Young Hyun Kim joined ILO COOP on 1st of November 2017 as a technical officer seconded from the Government of the Republic of Korea. Prior to the ILO, Mr Kim worked at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea from 2002 to 2017. Mr Kim holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Birmingham and a Master in Finance from London Business School.

Ms Vasiliki Kanaki has completed her six-month internship with ILO COOP in October 2017. She contributed to the Unit’s work in the development of training materials for start-up cooperatives. ILO COOP wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.

May 2017

Ms Vasiliki Kanaki
Ms Vasiliki Kanaki joined ILO COOP as an intern for six months in May 2017. Before joining the ILO, Vasiliki was working with KAPA Network, an NGO that promotes cooperatives and cooperative principles in Greece. Ms Kanaki will contribute to the work of the ILO in supporting the development of training material for start-up cooperatives especially for workers in the informal economy. Ms Kanaki has studied Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in Agricultural University of Athens. She holds a Master of Science in Organic and Integrated Agriculture.

April 2017

 Ms Mina Waki (L) and Ms Satoko Horiuchi (R)

Ms Satoko Horiuchi, a research and knowledge management officer seconded from Japanese Consumers’ Cooperative Union (JCCU), completed her three-year assignment with ILO COOP in April 2017. Ms Horiuchi contributed to the Unit’s work on communications, including editing the COOP News Update , coordinating the Unit’s publications, and supporting the management of its website. In addition, she engaged with the organization of the ILO-JCCU study tour and the coordination of the research on providing care through cooperatives. In ILO COOP we are grateful for the contributions of Ms Horiuchi and wish her the best in her new assignment at JCCU.

Building on the successful partnership between the ILO and JCCU, this secondment arrangement continues with the appointment of Ms Mina Waki, who joined ILO COOP as a technical officer in April. Based on her prior experiences in digital marketing and website management in JCCU she will contribute to the Unit’s work in the field of communications, and in organizing the upcoming editions of the ILO-JCCU study tour. We welcome Ms Waki and look forward to working with her during her tenure with the ILO.

February 2017

Mr Hyunjoon Joo
Mr Hyunjoon Joo, a technical officer seconded from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea, completed his two-year assignment with ILO COOP in December 2016 and returned to his home country. Mr Joo contributed to the Unit’s work in relation to statistics on cooperatives and development of training programme for financial cooperatives.

Reflecting on his experience with the ILO, Mr Joo stated “Compared to my work experience as a government official, the ILO staff works with people from diverse cultures and with a wide array of backgrounds. In addition, the work often requires understanding on the complexity of international politics .This requires us to be more active in communication and listening to the partners and constituents with an open mind, in order to implement demand driven initiatives, which respond to the voices from the field.”

Ms Laura Cicciarelli

Ms Laura Cicciarelli joined ILO COOP in February as an intern to support the work of the Senior Specialist on social and solidarity economy (SSE). Ms Cicciarelli will work on a wide range of SSE-related issues, such as the elaboration of public policy papers, preparation of articles, case studies, presentations and project documents, and assisting in networking with ILO’s partners in the field of SSE. Before joining the ILO, Laura was an intern at Chantier de l’économie sociale, collaborating in the organization of the 2016 Global Social Economy Forum in Montreal.

She is currently in the final stages of a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at Université de Sherbrooke, in the province of Québec, Canada.