Collective Bargaining

Vietnam ratifies the Collective Bargaining Convention

Vietnam becomes the 167th ILO Member State to ratify Convention No. 98

News | 26 July 2019
On 5 July 2019, Vietnam deposited the instrument of ratification of the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98). Vietnam, which has now ratified 6 out of the 8 ILO Fundamental Conventions, becomes the 167th ILO Member State to ratify Convention No. 98 and the 20th State in the Asia and Pacific region to do so.

This ratification, the third one deposited by Vietnam in the ILO’s centenary year, highlights the endeavour of the Government to achieve, jointly with the social partners, the labour and economic conditions that lay the foundations for the sustainable development of the country. It is expected that ratification of Convention No. 98 will contribute to further accelerate the spread of genuine collective bargaining across Vietnam, which is likely to result in better working conditions, higher productivity and shared prosperity.

Convention No. 98 requires Member States to ensure that workers enjoy adequate protection against acts of anti-union discrimination and to ensure protection of workers’ organizations and of employers’ organizations against any acts of interference by the other. These represent the necessary conditions to ensure the full and meaningful collective bargaining which the Convention calls on Governments to promote.

The Convention will come into force on 05 July 2020, one year after the deposit of the instrument of ratification.