ILO brief

Who moves and who stays? Labour market transitions under automation and health-related restrictions

The world of work is changing. New technologies, demographic shifts and climate change are reshaping workplaces, jobs, organizations and enterprises. Labour market transitions during which people change their jobs or occupations, their work content, or simply their roles in an organization are likely to become more disruptive in the future (ILO, 2019).

Briefing note | 22 November 2021
This research brief examines the nature of such transitions in light of the recent COVID-19 shock on labour markets, as well as possible labour reallocation caused by automation. Specifically, this brief identifies groups of occupations (called “communities”) within which workers tend to transition more easily. By understanding how exposed each community is to employment shocks, this work seeks to find groups of workers who may find it harder to find new employment opportunities outside their current occupations.