Research project

Promoting pathways to decent work

This report analyses how income support and ALMPs can come together to tackle a significant set of barriers limiting access to decent work in emerging and developing countries. The report first sets out a conceptual framework to improve understanding of the potential benefits of an integrated approach. It then presents the findings from an ample empirical analysis.

An innovative country mapping shows that the various types of ALMPs and income support measures are combined in a multitude of ways in emerging and developing countries, where they are already a pivotal element of labour market policy. A literature review and a global macroeconometric study then highlight how, when provided together, income support and ALMPs lead to better results, but different combinations of policies can drive different outcomes. These insights are complemented with evidence from impact evaluations of two programmes in Mauritius and Uruguay, which have combined ALMPs and income support in distinctive ways.

The report in brief