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8th Regulating for Decent Work Conference

Ensuring decent work in times of uncertainty

The RDW Conference in 2023 addressed the impact of interconnected crises on the world of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities and inequalities within socio-economic systems, especially affecting workers in the informal economy and marginalized populations. Additional crises such as climate change, conflicts, and disruptions to global supply chains have further intensified the uncertainty in labour markets and exacerbated inequalities. The conference aims to explore transformative policies and innovative institutions that can address the labour and social consequences of these crises, promote a just transition to environmentally sustainable economies, and ensure a more equitable and inclusive society. The conference focused on areas such as macroeconomic policies, trade and global value chains, institutions for decent work and social protection, and regulatory innovation. Researchers from various fields and representing hundreds of academic institutions and universities spanning dozens of countries were in attendance and presented their research and proposed new ideas and policies. The conference took place in Geneva from July 10-12 2023, co-hosted by several academic institutions from around the world. Read more