International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

Centenary Issue No. 3: Women and gender equality

Guest Editor: Nancy FOLBRE

Introduction: The International Labour Review and gender equality – The importance of women’s unpaid and paid work, by Nancy FOLBRE

Woman labour in India: I, by Rajani Kanta DAS (1931)

The employment of women since the war, by Antonina VALLENTIN (1932)

Some reflections on the different attitudes of men and women towards work, by Magdalena SOKOLOWSKA (1965)

Women’s rights and widows’ pensions, by Pierre LAROQUE (1972)

Female labour force participation and fertility, by Mercedes B. CONCEPCIÓN (1974)

Female labour force participation in developing countries: A critique of current definitions and data collection methods, by Richard ANKER (1983)

Rural women and their work: Dependence and alternatives for change, by Zubeida AHMAD (1984)

Why Third World urban employers usually prefer men, by Richard ANKER and Catherine HEIN (1985)

Development with women: Action, not alibis, by Martha F. LOUTFI (1987)

Day care in Europe and mothers’ forgone earnings, by Heather JOSHI and Hugh DAVIES (1992)

Labour, gender and the economic/social divide, by Julie A. NELSON (1998)

The enduring debate over unpaid labour, by Lourdes BENERÍA (1999)

Assigning care: Gender norms and economic outcomes, by M.V. Lee BADGETT and Nancy FOLBRE (1999)

Gendered costs of austerity: The effects of welfare regime and government policies on employment across the OECD, 2000–13, by Sidita KUSHI and Ian P. McMANUS (2018)

Gender and governance of global value chains: Promoting the rights of women workers, by Stephanie BARRIENTOS, Lara BIANCHI and Cindy BERMAN (2019)

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