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Global South-South Cooperation Development Expo 2017

ILO presents innovative South-South development solutions for skills development and youth employment

The ILO Solution Forum provides results-based presentations and scalable southern development solutions to ensure that employment, decent work and social inclusion for young women and men are integrated into sustainable development strategies.

News | 24 November 2017
ANTALYA, Turkey (ILO News) – The International Labour Organization (ILO) will present innovative and effective South solutions to tackle skills development and youth employment challenges at the Global South-South Development (GSSD) Expo, held in Antalya, Turkey from 27 to 30 November 2017.

The GSSD Expo is the United Nations’ annual high-profile event to promote South-South cooperation worldwide. The ILO has been actively involved in the GSSD since 2009 and hosted the 2010 Expo at ILO headquarters in Geneva.

The 2017 ILO Solution Forum for GSSD will take place on 28 November. Recommendations on how to strengthen regional policy cohesion to promote youth employment through awareness raising, vocational training and pilot projects will be presented by seven panellists who represent governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations from the global South.

“South-South cooperation has considerable potential to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Among others, the facilitation of knowledge and good practice exchanges, as well as peer-to-peer reviews and learning approaches, contribute significantly to the strengthening of national capacities,” says Rie Vejs-Kjeldgaard, Director of the ILO Department of Partnerships and Field Support.

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The linkages between South-South cooperation, skills development and youth employment, including for young refugees, are prominent topics this year.
  • Ambassador Musa Kulaklikaya, Director-General of the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries, will be among those addressing the world refugee crisis. He will speak during the peer cooperation model Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) for Inclusive Growth for youth employment including refugees.
  • Numan Özcan, Director of the ILO Office in Turkey, will present ILO Turkey’s efforts to help access of Syrian refugees into the labour market, in particular through skills development for youth. These efforts will also be relevant for the countries facing similar labour market integration challenges, such as Lebanon and Jordan. 
  • Perihan Tawfik, from the ILO Cairo Office, will address the potential of cross-country exchanges of experiences for upgrading apprenticeships, through peer learning and South-South cooperation in North Africa.
  • Joao Bosco, President of the Brazil-Africa Institute, will address the Youth Technical Training Program (YTTP) – a cross-continental initiative between Brazil and Africa stimulating SSTC and peer exchanges between youth from the two continents.
  • Berkin Şafak Şener, Board Member of the Youth Deal Cooperative, the first youth-led cooperative in Turkey, will showcase peer-to-peer learning approaches for youth-led cooperatives.
  • Fernando Baptista, international consultant on South-South and triangular cooperation with UNOSSC and the ILO, will explain the interconnection among virtual platforms, South-South and triangular cooperation and skills development.
The event will be moderated by Anita Amorim, Head of the Emerging and Special Partnerships Unit at the ILO.

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