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Committee on Freedom of Association: Protecting rights, saving lives

In the last decade alone, more than 2,000 trade unionists worldwide have been released from prison following an examination by the CFA. Watch a backstage interview with Committee members Paul van der Heijden (Chairman), employers’ representative Peter Anderson and Yves Veyrier, workers’ representative.

Press release | 26 March 2014
The Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) was established in 1951 to study complaints about violations of freedom of association, whether or not the country concerned has ratified the relevant ILO conventions.

Complaints may be brought against a member state by employers' and workers' organizations.

The CFA is an ILO Governing Body committee which meets three times a year. It is composed of an independent chairperson and six representatives each of governments, employers and workers.

In the video below, ILO News talked to Paul van der Heijden, Chair of the Committee; Peter Anderson, employers’ representative and Yves Veyrier, workers’ representative. They explain how useful the CFA is in protecting freedom of association throughout the world.