A manual for gender audit facilitators: The ILO participatory gender audit methodology (2nd Edition)

This revised Manual provides gender audit facilitators with guidelines and practical instructions on how to plan and implement participatory gender audits (PGAs) in an organizational context. It is based on the ILO’s practical experience of piloting PGAs of many ILO technical units and country offices, constituents and UN partners from 2001 to 2012.

A step-by-step approach is used that leads facilitators through each stage of the process culminating with guidance on writing a PGA report that covers key findings, good practices and a set of recommendations to the audited unit or organization. The PGA report provides the basis for the formulation of an action plan on how to improve the gender mainstreaming strategy in a given institutional setting.

The first of its kind in the UN system, the ILO PGA is a tool that supports an organization’s commitment to gender equality by examining the extent to which equality is being institutionalized; helps to identify good practices in technical work; and points to effective and efficient ways of moving forward in mainstreaming gender in all work activities.

It is hoped that this Manual will be a valuable resource as a training guide for different institutions for gender mainstreaming. Since it is a process-oriented organizational tool specifically aimed at gender audit facilitators, it has great potential for further adaptation and use by the ILO’s constituents, UN agencies, women’s groups and other civil society organizations.