Chairing the UNAIDS Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations (CCO)in 2015: Opportunities for the ILO

The Governing Body is invited to discuss and advise the Office on the role that the Director-General could play as Chair of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations (CCO) in 2015. The Governing Body is also invited to request the Office to: ■ submit at its 326th Session (March 2016) a report on the results achieved during the Director-General’s tenure as Chair of the UNAIDS CCO during 2015 and any follow-up implications; ■ as appropriate, given the intergovernmental process, provide member States with all required and requested information and support needed to integrate HIV and AIDS into the post-2015 sustainable development agenda (see the draft decision in paragraph 23).