Independent Evaluation of the ILO's Country Programme for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 2002-2007

This report presents analysis, findings and recommendations from the independent evaluation of the International Labour Office’s (ILO) country programme for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 2002-2007. The review period covers the implementation of ten ILO projects and technical advisory services with a total value of US$8,800,129. Within the context of the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), the ILO developed another three pipeline projects, two of which began implementation in 2008.

The analysis of the ILO’s programme in Jordan shows that the projects and emerging country programme results are significant and instructive, although their sustainability remains questionable. The Decent Work agenda in Jordan continues to face a number of legal and practical challenges. Exceptions to workers’ rights persist in law and in fact, while reforms remain in the legislative pipeline. An overall priority of the country is to improve enforcement of its obligations under international labour standards. In addition, only the first steps toward institutionalizing the tools and processes for meaningful tripartism have been achieved.