Young people’s transition to decent work : evidence from Kosovo

Employment Policy Paper 2007/4

Presents the results of a survey conducted within a technical cooperation project on youth employment, funded by the Italian Government. This joint study, undertaken by the Employment Policy Department and the Sub-regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe, started the second generation of the ILO’s school-to-work transition surveys for a number of reasons: first, it captures the labour market status of young people (employed, unemployed, inactive), the different types of transition which take place between education and work and it provides information on both the quantity and quality of employment; second, it incorporates the results of an employers’ survey that enhances the analysis with data concerning labour demand; and thirdly, the process used in conducting the survey, from the training of data collectors to the tabulation, was based on a participatory approach involving government institutions (Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport), employers’ and workers’ organizations and youth associations. Finally, it provides the baseline data that led to the development of the youth employment policy and action plan of Kosovo.