Presentation from webinar

Impacts of (improving) employment guarantee schemes on the broader economy, presented by Paul Niehaus

Webinar - Public Works and Public Employment Programmes: What role in socioeconomic recovery?

Presentation | 22 October 2021
Session 4:
PEPs and their multipliers and spillovers

Slides from Paul Niehaus's presentation: Impacts of (improving) employment guarantee schemes on the broader economy.
Watch the full presentation on the event page.

Paul is an economist and entrepreneur working to accelerate the
end of extreme poverty.
He is an associate professor of economics at UC San Diego and an affiliate of BREAD, CEGA, J-PAL, and the NBER. His research examines the design, implementation, and impact of antipoverty programs at large scales.
He is also co-founder of a series of companies working to amplify capital flows to emerging markets. He is co-founder, former president, and current chairman at GiveDirectly, the leading international NGO specialized in digital cash transfers and consistently rated one of the most impactful ways to give. He subsequently co-founded and served as a director of the enterprise payments company Segovia and the digital remittance company Taptap Send.
Paul is a recipient of a Sloan Fellowship and has been named a “Top 100 Global Thinker” by Foreign Policy magazine. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University.