Presentation from webinar

Public Employment Programmes in the Care Economy - The Case of South Africa, presented by Lerato Shai

Webinar - Public Works and Public Employment Programmes: What role in socioeconomic recovery?

Presentation | 21 October 2021
Session 2:
There is work to do! Public investment to create jobs in green and care sectors

Slides from Lerato Shai's presentation on Public Employment Programmes in the Care Economy - The Case of South Africa
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Lerato Shai is an independent applied microeconomist with extensive experience utilising econometric, statistical methods and qualitative methods to address social problems. She has previously applied her skills consulting for the public sector in a range of fields including implementation and impact evaluations of government interventions in the labour market and capacity building of the state, local government financial analysis and modelling and design of social protection in the provision of basic services. Lerato recently supported the Project Management Office in the Presidency (South Africa) to design and implementation of Phase 1 of the Presidential Employment Stimulus. She is currently the Programme co-lead for the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention and is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the programme. She holds a Master of Commerce specialising in Applied Economics from the University of Cape Town and is also a certified career coach.