Social Inclusion of Young People through Youth Employment Initiatives- El Salvador


In El Salvador, the lack of employment opportunities, job insecurity and inclusion in low productivity activities are the main challenges faced by young people when looking for a job. In addition, problems of violence, crime and early dropout from school complicate young people's chances for future career paths.
In El Salvador, the youth population -from 15 to 29 years old- represents the 28.1% of the total population. Among all the youth, 53.8% are economically active while the remaining 46.2% are economically inactive i.e. are outside the labor market, and almost a quarter (24.8%) of the youth population is neither studying nor working. Furthermore,opportunities for young people to access productive and decent work are limited by their rather short education career and by the mismatch between the training offered and the qualifications requested by the labour market .


The project (based in San Salvador) aims to help the country to develop and implement integrated policies and programs to promote productive employment and decent work for young women and men.

The project interventions are grouped into three areas of work:

1. Research, awareness-raising and dissemination of youth employment issues.
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2. Implementation of integrated programmes for young women and men.
  • The Integral service to young entrepreneurs aims at helping young people to improve their opportunities in the labour market providing them with: vocational training, career guidance, entrepreneurship and life skills training.
3. Strengthen capacities to promote productive and decent employment for youth.

Additional Information 

The project has been developed and implemented in coordination with the project "Gender Mainstreaming on Youth Employment Actions" also financed by Sida.