Forum on evidence and impact measurement

Event Report: What Works in Youth and Women's Employment in MENA?

Meeting document | 08 June 2018
The ILO Forum on Evidence and Impact Measurement provided an opportunity to share the current status and progress on what works in youth and women’s employment in the MENA region while promoting multi-sectoral collaboration to define and address priorities for policy formulation.

A key goal was the further growth and sustainability of a regional Community of Practice (CoP) to facilitate knowledge sharing, partnership creation and up-scaling of successful youth employment programmes. The current 17 members of the Taqeem CoP are a group of organisations implementing innovative results measurement strategies and conducting impact evaluations on youth and women’s employment, with a focus on the rural economy. The event allowed some of the CoP members to share their experiences on results measurement and impact assessment in youth employment. Complementary to this was the piloting of the new ILO “Guide on Measuring Decent Jobs for Youth” that provides comprehensive guidance to evaluating, monitoring and learning in labour market programmes targeting young people.