Impact brief, Issue 9

Promoting women’s empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa: A rapid evidence assessment of labour market interventions

The Taqeem Impact Brief Series documents how organizations measure outcomes of their employment programmes, the tools that are applied and the findings and recommendations that emerge to assist them in improving impacts and programme design. This rapid evidence assessment analyses gender equality outcomes of Active Labour Market Programmes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The brief provides an overview of the existing evidence on “what works” in promoting gender equality in the MENA region by presenting results from a rapid evidence assessment (REA) of ALMPs.

Through a structured mapping of available evidence, the REA helps to identify knowledge gaps where future research might be needed. Furthermore, by analysing ten impact evaluations, it provides an overview on how gender equality aspects of ALMPs are typically measured. It shows which indicators are used to gather information on gender and labour market outcomes.

Based on the findings of the assessment, recommendations are formulated for improved measurement to better inform programme planning and implementation.