Vocational teachers and trainers in a changing world: the imperative of high-quality teacher training systems

EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 177

This paper presents an analytical framework for assessing TVET teacher training systems. It takes a holistic approach, providing a conceptual framework that government agencies and TVET institutions can use to examine the internal efficiency and coherence of their teacher preparation programmes, as well as assess the dynamic capability of the system to anticipate and respond to the needs of both employers and students.

This framework responds to the contemporary imperative for high-quality TVET teacher training systems that are effective, efficient, equitable and innovative, and furthermore, that are aligned to national and local objectives to improve productivity, employment and social inclusion. It is provided to help governments and institutions deal with the challenge of preparing teachers and trainers in a changing world so that they in turn can equip the next generation with the skills and ability to continue learning that they will need throughout their working lives.

This working paper reflects the background research and conclusions of the Global Dialogue Forum on Vocational Education and Training held in September 2010, supplemented by reviews of current practice in teacher training and consultations with colleagues from many other organizations, including the World Bank, the European Training Foundation, the German International Cooperation, Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation, and the Swiss Development Cooperation.