The Sultanate of Oman The enabling environment for sustainable enterprises: An “EESE” Assessment

Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 14

Oman was not immune from the social and political unrest characteristic of many countries in the region and although the protests that started in late February 2011 have abated; particularly those which address corruption and the entrenchment of vested interests, the risk of further disturbances remains if genuine political and economic reform is not introduced. The protests have largely been against Ministers and powerful business interests who are perceived to be corrupt. The results of the survey which was carried out in April and May reflected the uncertainty at that time. Overall, 15 per cent of survey respondents6 said that political instability/uncertainty was affecting their business a lot while 48 per cent said the instability was affecting their business to some extent. However, overall according to the survey, it seems that more respondents are optimistic about the coming year for their business than not, perhaps reflective of Oman‟s standing as one of the most stable environment in the region.