National assessments

Instructional material | 25 May 2023

Constituents (governments, workers and employer organizations) and enterprise development stakeholders have steadily searched and requested over the years for evidence-based and result-oriented strategies for gender-inclusive entrepreneurship. In response, the ILO-WED programme has developed an assessment framework and carried out national assessments to evaluate the situation of women’s entrepreneurship development in specific countries and detect major bottlenecks, gender gaps, and deficiencies. These assessments aim to identify gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that impact the emergence of women entrepreneurs as well as the ability of women-owned enterprises to access the resources, support and opportunities that they need.

The assessments below are based on the latest version of the ILO’s Framework Conditions for Women’s Entrepreneurship Development which covers six key framework conditions: 1) rules and regulations, 2) policy leadership and coordination, 3) access to financial services, 4) access to business development services, 5) access to markets and ICTs, and 6) representation and participation of women entrepreneurs in public policy and dialogue.

Georgia, 2023 - National Assessment of women's entrepreneurship development in Georgia

Nigeria, 2022 - Assessment of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria with a focus on Lagos and Rivers States: A synthesis

Panama, 2022 - Las mujeres en el desarrollo empresarial: Informe WED Panamá

Honduras, 2021 - Las mujeres en el desarrollo empresarial - Honduras

Chile, 2020 - Evaluación nacional del desarrollo de la iniciativa empresarial de la mujer (WED) - Chile

Myanmar, 2020 - National assessment of women's entrepreneurship development in Myanmar

Uruguay, 2019 - Informe de diagnóstico WED - Uruguay

Costa Rica, 2018 - Las mujeres en la gestión y desarrollo empresarial - Costa Rica

Tanzania, 2018 - Women's entrepreneurship development in Tanzania: Insights and recommendations

Algeria, 2017 - Évaluation nationale du développement de l’entrepreneuriat féminin en Algérie

Egypt, 2017 - A national assessment of women’s entrepreneurship development in Egypt

Tunisia, 2017 - Évaluation nationale du développement de l’entrepreneuriat féminin- Tunisie

Morocco, 2016 - Evaluation du dévelopment de l’entrepreneuriat féminin au Maroc

Uganda, 2014 - Women's entrepreneurship development in Uganda: Insights and recommendations