MF4DW Timeline

Project documentation | 23 July 2016

1.) Selection, introduction and diagnosis phase (April 2008-February 2009)

  • Expression of interest, selection and introduction of interested MFIs to the project;
  • Client survey and identification of areas for Decent Work improvement; and
  • Decision reached on which Decent Work area each MFI will address through an innovation.

2.) Implementation and testing phase (March 2009-November 2011)

  • Development of strategies and interventions to address Decent Work areas;
  • Baseline survey, implementation of innovations at target branches, follow-up surveys to monitor the impact and effectiveness; and
  • Regular reporting (financial & narrative) and potential adaptations of the intervention.

3.) Analysis, documentation and promotional phase (January 2010-June 2012)

  • Final impact analysis of each innovation;
  • Cost/benefit analysis at institutional level; and
  • Documentation and promotion of effective strategies.

4.) Analysis, publication and dissemination of final results (January 2013 – December 2015)

  • Publication and dissmeniation of Final Synthesis Report
  • Publication and dissemination of Individual Impact Assessments
  • Sharing the results across the microfinance community (Webinars, blogs)