Rapid market assessments

Rapid Market Assessments help us get an evidence-based ‘first look’ into a set of market systems, which are under-performing, and to see quickly why they are not functioning properly. Find below a list of our assessments.


Focus value chains(s): Wood furniture
Decent work objective: Export-driven inclusive growth
Partner: ILO Lima
Read: Rapid assessment of Peru's wooden furniture export market and its potential for growth 


Focus value chains(s): Horticulture, tourism, apiculture
Decent work objective: Youth employment
Partner: UN Joint Programme (ILO, FAO, UNIDO, UN Women)
Read: Cracking Tanzania's Youth Employment Conundrum 


Focus value chains(s): Apiculture, artisanal mining, mopane worms, horticulture
Decent work objective: Youth employment and women’s economic empowerment
Partner: African Development Bank
Read: Rapid Market Assessment of Key Sectors for Women and Youth in Zimbabwe 


Focus value chains(s): Responsible tourism
Decent work objective: Competitiveness and inclusive growth
Partner: SECO
Read: Rapid market assessment of Responsible Tourism in Vietnam 

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