Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the MNE Declaration

This online course will look at how governments, enterprises and the social partners are encouraged to each put policies in place and engage with each other through dialogue to maximize the positive contribution of multinational enterprises to socio economic development and decent work.

This course looks at the contributions multinational enterprises (MNEs) and national enterprises can make to respect for labour rights, the achievement of decent work for all, and enhancing the development impact of MNE activities. It introduces participants to the guidance set out in the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (the "MNE Declaration") for enterprises, governments, and employers' and workers' organizations. Through case studies, dialogue with MNEs and a company visit, participants will gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of government and enterprises in realizing workers' rights, fostering job creation and skills development, and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through business linkages. The course strengthens the capacity of government institutions, employers' and workers' organizations and enterprises to align private actions more closely with public policy objectives and national development priorities, also taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The course aims to strengthen the capacity of government institutions, employers’ and workers’ organizations and enterprises

At the end of the course, participants will:
  • be knowledgeable of the principles of the MNE Declaration and its operational tools;
  • be able to assess the impact of business operations on workers’ rights;
  • understand the different roles of governments, the private sector, employers’ and workers’ organizations in maximizing the economic and social development impacts of MNEs;
  • gain insights into how to foster a public-private collaboration for the realization of Decent Work.
Target audience:

Representatives of governments and employers' and workers' organizations responsible for policies related to socio-economic development, foreign direct investment and operations of MNEs; business managers responsible for social policy and interested in developing more collaborative approaches to addressing their labour-related human rights impacts and socio-economic development issues.
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