Safety and Health in the Construction Sector- Overcoming the Challenges

A one hour webinar with ILO experts dealing with occupational safety health and the construction sector to discuss the challenges of protecting workers. The webinar aims to provide practical guidance to enterprises wishing to make health and safety an integral part of their business model.

Construction is among the most hazardous industries. In economically advanced countries, construction workers are 3 to 4 times more likely to have a fatal accident at work than other workers. Many more suffer from ill-health and die from occupational diseases arising from accumulated exposure to hazardous substances. In less developed countries, the risks associated with construction work are 3 to 6 times greater. Work-related accidents and ill-health come at direct and indirect costs for businesses and societies, let alone the incommensurable suffering and loss that workers and their families bear.

Prevention of injuries in the construction sector has proven effective for business sustainability, and there are good practices demonstrating how properly managing safety and health from the design phase throughout a project allows the delivery of quality construction works according to plan.

This webinar is part of the webinar series organized with the United Nations Global Compact and looks at the different challenges faced by the construction industry in protecting the safety and health of workers. Practical guidance is provided to enterprises wishing to make health and safety an integral part of their business model.
The webinar will take place on at 15:30 pm WET (9:30 am EST). Registration is required on the United Nations Global Compact Web page. You will receive a confirmation message together with instructions on how to participate in the webinar