Centre of Excellence for Leather (COEL) trained nearly 12000 people

Dhaka: The Centre of Excellence for Leather (COEL) has trained close to 12,000 persons in leather sector as Machine Operator, Supervisor and Machine Maintenance Technician. Employment rate for these newly trained people stands at a staggering ninety-five percent, seventy percent of whom are women. All these 12,000 were registered as apprentices with the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET) and received certificates recently.

The COEL is an industry led ‘one stop service’ for the leather sector that aims to ensure a steady supply of trained manpower for the industry and generate higher income for the workers. It was established with support of the TVET Reform in Bangladesh Project of the International Labour Organization and has received considerable support from other development partners including USAID and Swiss Development Corporation (SDC). Meanwhile a more Centre-based training programme was launched recently. At the celebration held at COEL on December 14, more than a dozen trainees received their NTVQF certificate from the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

Further, the event was also an opportunity to mark the completion of the first SDC funded initiative at COEL. Dr. Derek Mueller, head of Development at the national SDC office was special guest and expressed his satisfaction at COEL progress and its transformative effect on disadvantaged persons. The important role played by the ILO with funding from the European Union was also acknowledged.