Skills for migrant workers

Unlocking new horizons – Enhancing skills of Sri Lankan migrant workers

For many Sri Lankan returnee and aspirant migrant workers acquiring new skills create new possibilities for stable, and better paying decent work opportunities. ILO supported training programme focused on the care sector is opening a world of opportunities for secure employment and safe migration pathways.

Date issued: 18 December 2023 | Size/duration: 00:02:58

 ILO's ‘Supporting the Socio-economic Reintegration of Sri Lankan Migrant Workers Repatriated due to the COVID-19 Outbreak’ project’s caregiver training programme rolled out in partnership with the National Youth Services Council, and Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, has supported the skills enhancement of close to 300 aspirant and returnee migrant workers, including persons with disabilities. The project is supported by the Government of Japan. To know more click here