Suriname Decent Work Country Programme 2019-2021

The DWCP is intended to represent the tripartite commitment of Government, employers’ and workers’ organizations to achieve Suriname’s national development goals, as well as articulate a programme of action for the key areas in which the ILO’s collaboration with the tripartite partners is expected to lead to positive changes in the world of work.

This DWCP is aligned with the strategic objectives of the ILO which are elaborated in the ILO Programme and Budget for the Biennium, 2018–2019 and reinforced in the Panama Declaration that was adopted at the 19th ILO American Regional Meeting in October 2018. To ensure that the success of this DWCP directly contributes to the achievement of higher-level social and economic development goals, its results framework has been formulated in alignment with the national planning framework and processes, as well as the United Nations Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework (UN MSDF) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 2019–2021 DWCP will focus on:

1. Economic diversification and social progress;
2. Strengthening the rights and compliance agenda; and
3. Increased tripartite capacity to advance the Decent Work Agenda and social dialogue.