11th ILO Meeting of Caribbean Ministers of Labour: Shaping a brighter future of work for the Caribbean

The meeting celebrates the ILO's 100th Anniversary and offers an opportunity for the Ministers of Labour to chart the way forward addressing issues around the Future of Work in the Caribbean.

The International Labour Organization, through its Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations in Barbados, will host the Eleventh ILO Subregional Meeting of Caribbean Ministers of Labour from 14–15 May 2019 in Barbados. This Meeting will bring together Ministers of Labour from 13 ILO member States and nine non-metropolitan territories of the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean.

The Meeting celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the ILO and offers an opportunity for the Ministers of Labour to chart the way forward, addressing issues around the Future of Work in the Caribbean. Leaning on the ILO’s Centenary flagship Report on the Future of Work, the theme of this Meeting is: Shaping a brighter future of work for the Caribbean.


The Meeting provides an opportunity for the Ministers to:
  • assess the relevance of the Report “Work for a brighter future” of the Global Commission on the Future of Work and the framework it offers for shaping a better future for the Caribbean, including a discussion on what a ‘human-centered agenda’ means for the Caribbean;
  • consider current developments  in the context of the Conclusions of previous Ministerial Meetings in the Caribbean, the future Programme and Budget of the ILO, as well as future DWCPs and the role of the Decent Work Agenda in future UNDAFs; and
  • take part in discussions aimed at preparing the Caribbean’s contribution to the Centenary ILC in Geneva in June 2019.


To consider how the recommendations of the Global Commission are relevant for the Caribbean, the Meeting will be organized around three clusters:
  1. Jobs and future work;
  2. Strong institutions of work; and
  3. More social dialogue for a renewed social contract.
In addition to its focus on the above three themes related to the Report of the Global Commission, the Meeting will also review other items on the agenda of the upcoming ILC and provide opportunity to shape Caribbean positions. The Meeting will take stock of past Ministerial Meetings and their Conclusions including a brief report on related support provided by the ILO to the Constituents. The contributions from the Ministers will be summarized in a brief conclusions document which will be reviewed and adopted at the end of the Meeting.


  • Sli.do will be used in sessions which will require your interactive participation with your smart phone or other mobile devices. 
  • The Fishbowl arrangement will be used on Day 2 of the Meeting, Session entitled Fair Share of Progress for All.
  • The World Cafe method will be used during the "job and future of work" 2nd session, to encourage participants' interaction
More information on these arrangements and tool is available here: http://bit.ly/GetReadyForSessions


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