Performance monitoring of the active labour market programmes implemented by the Employment Agency of Montenegro

This report presents key findings from the first attempt by the Employment Agency of Montenegro (EAM) to conduct a performance monitoring exercise on its active labour market programmes (ALMPs).

In April and May 2019, the EAM conducted its first ever follow-up survey among beneficiaries of the 2018 ALMPs. This report presents the findings from the analysis of the survey questionnaires. In a nutshell, the average gross and net employment outcomes of participants in the programmes under review are 38.5 and 30.4 per cent, respectively, driven down by the disproportionally worse performance of ALMPs for women and the poor results of a pilot programme for the activation of welfare beneficiaries. Of particular concern is the lack of effectiveness of training programmes, whose employment rates at follow-up are extremely low and point to fundamental design flaws.

The ILO has drawn a number of important considerations from the analysis of the meta-data around this report. Key recommendations are related to improving monitoring and evaluation protocols, including through a better management information system and enhancing the analytical competences of staff in the EAM sectors responsible for ALMPs and statistics. Some elements of digitalization and outsourcing could help to improve the quality of data, but strong analytical capacities within the Agency remain the priority, lest the institution be unable to use evidence for policy and strategic planning.