Ukraine and the ILO Vol. I.

Volume I. Historical background and recent developments

The publication has been written and compiled with the objective to provide facts and documents which shed light on the evolution of the relations between the country and the ILO, and the role of the ILO in promoting social justice, tripartism and social dialogue, employment creation and active labour market policy in Ukraine.

Volume I describes the history of collaboration between Ukraine and the ILO, mainly, during the period of 1954–2017. It covers more than 60 years of the relationship divided into two distinctive periods: 1954–1991 (Ukrainian SSR) and 1991–2017 (Independent Ukraine). Notably, the first two champers of this volume not only present information about the ILO membership of the Ukrainian SSR but also unveils much less known events preceding it that took place from 1920 to 1954.