Fundamental principles and rights at work throughout the reforms process in Ukraine

The ILO project aims to promote fundamental labour rights as an integral part of the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine. It will contribute to creating an environment where businesses can be rebuilt and thrive, and workers find decent job opportunities with social protection and labour rights safeguarded.

This project builds upon the technical assistance provided to national partners between 2020 and 2023, also supported by the Government of Canada. It will contribute to adoption of the new Labour Code with the ILO supporting the drafting and the implementation of the new laws through comparative law and practices.  

The project will address the lack of technical expertise in designing the legislative framework, and the limited capacity of central executive authorities to apply International Labour Standards (ILS), collect data and report to the ILO supervisory bodies, and the lack of guidance on the use of ILS in the judiciary. Key project partners in achieving this objective are the Government, social partners and the National School of Judges of Ukraine. The intervention shall improve the working conditions of workers in Ukraine, increase productivity of enterprises though the legislative framework and align the latter with the provisions of International Labour Standards Ukraine has already ratified.

The project will be implemented under the framework of cooperation between Ukraine and Canada, as foreseen by Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement. ILO will work closely with national tripartite constituents in improving the national legislation. Other international organizations shall contribute to the project to cover the equal pay aspects of the intervention.