Protecting workers and ensuring decent and safe working conditions during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery in Moldova

The objective of the intervention is to support the national efforts to ensure safe and healthy workplaces in the context of the current global pandemic crisis and beyond. The ILO will train the State Labour Inspectorate to conduct integrated workplace inspections.

The project addresses the following two imminent challenges:
  1. Responses to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work: protecting workers from the risk of COVID-19;
  2. Improved compliance with international labour standards: strengthening the institutional capacity of the State Labour Inspectorate as a competent authority to conduct integrated workplace inspections in compliance with ILO Conventions.
The expected project results include a road map agreed by the government and social partners on the adoption of a new legal framework, procedures and organizational structure of the State Labour Inspectorate for conducting workplace inspections. The State Labour Inspectorate will be trained to apply legislation on Occupational Safety and Health and undeclared work and to provide guidance in COVID-19 post-crisis measures at the workplace. Additionally, tripartite constituents in Moldova will be equipped to provide customized services and legal advice on the implementation of immediate gender-responsive workplace actions against the risk of COVID-19. Finally, the MHLSP and the State Labour Inspectorate will formulate a strategy to improve the reporting of work accidents and occupational diseases.