About the ILO in North Macedonia

One of the highest unemployment rates in Europe

North Macedonia has made considerable progress in terms of economic development and integration into global economic markets. Unemployment rate has significantly decreased over the last decade, but it is still one of the highest in Europe (17.3% in 2019), especially of youth (35.6% in 2019). Low labour market participation, in particular among women, and low job creation are the main challenges in the North Macedonian labour market. Inadequate earnings and unproductive work, lack of stability and security at work, unequal opportunities and treatment in employment, unsafe work environment, and lack of voice through representation are also a concern for the country.

With permanent presence in the country since 2009, and assistance through the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP), the ILO supports the country in overcoming the challenges.  The current DWCP 2019-2022 focuses on two priorities: 1) improved labour market governance through enhanced social dialogue; and 2) more and better jobs for inclusive growth and improved youth employment prospects.

In the period 2018- 2019, the ILO provided technical assistance in the following areas:
•    developing the Youth Guarantee;
•    establishing Governmental procedure for mandatory consultations with the Economic and Social Council;
•    revising the Employment and Social Reform Programme 2022;
•    developing the Macedonian Occupational Outlook;
•    drafting the labour legislation; and
•    revitalization of the Local Economic and Social Councils.

North Macedonia ratified 79 ILO Conventions (75 in force), including the eight fundamental Conventions.