ILO-EU project "Decent Work Accross Borders"

Conference: “Insights into the migration of health professionals between the Philippines, India and Viet Nam to Europe”

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Union (EU) jointly organize a final conference on the project “Promoting Decent Work Across Borders: A Project for Migrant Health Professionals and Skilled Workers”.

The ILO, with funding support from the EU, has been implementing the project “Promoting Decent Work Across Borders: A Project for Migrant Health Professionals and Skilled Workers” from February 2011 to November 2014.

It seeks to better understand circular migration of health professionals and foster a "win-win-win" approach that benefits the migrant workers, the source countries (the Philippines, India and Viet Nam) and the destination countries (EU member states).

The project has three main objectives: to conduct policy researches and foster policy dialogues on migration, to improve services for health professionals and skilled migrant workers, and to enhance the labour market information system.

The final conference aims to provide a venue for sharing initial good practices and lessons learned from the project achievements in addressing the mobility of health professionals with an audience of European relevant migration stakeholders.

Specifically, the conference will be devoted to the restitution of the project’s achievements on the following topics:
  • Session 1: Assessing the nursing skills comparability between the Philippines and selected countries in Europe
  • Session 2: Avenues to mobility: lessons from bilateral labour arrangements on the mobility of health professionals and option for circular migration
  • Session 3: Options for the enhancement of ethical recruitment practices

The conference will be followed by the launching of "Tale of a Journey: Migrant Nurses’ Voices through Images", a documentary made by the project focussing on the experiences of Filipino Health Professionals as they go through the migration cycles.

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