Iraq Labour Force Survey 2021

The Labour Force Survey presents estimates on the national, governorate, urban and rural levels of Iraq, covering a broad array of indicators of the labour market and demographic characteristics of residents in Iraq.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) partnered with the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) and the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office (KRSO) in Iraq, to implement the first national Labour Force Survey (LFS) in a decade.

The main objective of the survey was to collect current data on the size and characteristics of the labour force, employment, unemployment and other labour market characteristics of the population, including working time, income from employment of employees at main job and informality of employment. The survey was also designed to measure different components of labour underutilization, including time-related underemployment and potential labour force, and other forms of work, in particular, own-use production of goods and services, in line with the latest international standards adopted by the 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians.