Towards a Rights-Based and Comprehensive Social Protection System for Lebanon

Supporting the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

The 2019 economic crisis highlighted the critical gaps of Lebanon social protection system which have been since the magnified by the COVID 19 crisis. This paper has been developed, through consultation from February until end of April, 2020, by Lebanese Organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), academic actors and service providers who attended the February 2020 workshop on social protection in Lebanon in cooperation with ILO, UNICEF, MOSA, and Beyond group. It aims at providing an initial set of considerations to engage in a constructive dialogue with the government. It complements the DPOs statement on COVID 19 crisis response and the position paper focusing on older persons.

In light of the severely constrained fiscal capacity of the country, in-depth consultations with authorities and within the disability movement are required to identify the most equitable and cost-effective ways to progressively build an inclusive social protection system that adequately support empowerment of all persons with disabilities at all ages.