Potential Opportunities for Women’s Economic Empowerment - Potato and Leafy Green Vegetable Value Chains - Akkar, Northern Lebanon

The assessment examines the status of women in the potatoes and leafy green vegetables value chains in the Akkar region in order to highlight potential areas that will increase their visibility as valuable members of both their individual communities and the agriculture sector, as well as to showcase opportunities for women empowerment.

Within the scope of the potato and leafy green vegetable value chains, the assessment set out with the following objectives:

• To consider the potential options available for women as new agricultural opportunities or expansion of existing opportunities in the potato and leafy green vegetables value chains at various levels.

• To examine the factors, difficulties, and challenges that affect women’s access to these opportunities.

• To map case studies on the participation of women in value chains.

• To provide recommendations for improving women’s participation.

It is anticipated that the results of this assessment can be used by ILO and development actors to improve the design, planning, implementation, and monitoring of programmes by addressing root causes of agricultural underperformance. Furthermore, it is hoped that the assessment will serve to raise awareness on current constraints and challenges faced by women in these value chains and the importance of their role and empowering them.