Assessment of the impact of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and their employment profile

In order to assess the impact and identify the ramifications of an increasing number of Syrian refugees (many of whom will be seeking work) the ILO implemented an assessment of their impact and a survey of their employment status in four regions (Akkar, Tripoli, Beqaa, and the South). The objective was to provide a better understanding of the evolving situation of increasing numbers of Syrian refugees.

The assessment revealed a number of salient findings and confirmed, to a large extent, the anecdotal evidence about the living conditions of Syrian refugees and their effect on host communities. The majority of Syrian refugees are living in difficult socio-economic conditions with limited livelihood resources. Initially, many refugees settled with families or friends but, with the prolonged crisis, they have resorted to rented accommodation where they are mostly obliged to pay high prices for small shelters, or shared apartments with other families. The alternative is to move to Palestinian camps, abandoned buildings, or tented settlements.