The FAIRWAY Programme

The FAIRWAY programme addresses underlying causes of decent work deficits at their source through national-level interventions in selected countries of origin in East, West and North Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Morocco). In the Arab States, the  programme provides continuity to interventions in countries of destination across the region by building on the work of the Fairway Middle East project (2016-2019), which target low-skilled migrant workers from all regions. With a focus on  key sectors where vulnerable migrant workers are engaged—including domestic work and the construction sector—FAIRWAY seeks to address the interlinked structural, behavioural, and practical barriers to improved labour migration. To do so, FAIRWAY works to realise four objectives:
  1. Private sector, employers’, and workers’ organizations are engaged to produce decent work environments for migrant workers
  2. Gender-responsive policy frameworks are developed or strengthened to realise fair recruitment and decent work and regulatory compliance
  3. Discriminatory attitudes towards women and men migrant workers are diminished; and
  4. Migrant workers have improved access to information and support services throughout the migration cycle.

Latest news

  1. Vocational skills training gives young migrant an alternative to a dangerous, irregular journey to the Gulf

    27 July 2023

  2. National Consultation on Labour Dispute Resolution in Jordan

    The National Consultation will discuss the current system of judicial and non-judicial resolution of labour disputes, with a focus on the Ministry of Labour’s role, and to explore constraints and challenges in the current structure; and explore ways forward, including review of promising practices and tools that could support further dialogue on the labour dispute system.