Country briefs of the regulatory frameworks governing migrant workers in the Arab States

The country briefs map the key legal provisions dealing with migrant workers in eight Arab countries, summarizing the legal rules about who pays for recruitment, whether passport confiscation is prohibited by law, minimum working conditions including wages, working hours and rest periods, how to lodge grievances, and brief details of each country’s sponsorship regime.

By outlining both the provisions that apply in the private sector (where most migrant workers are employed) as well as those relating to domestic workers specifically, the factsheets are intended to be a useful summary of relevant legislation, for use by labour attaches, trade unions and other organizations seeking to support migrant workers from an advocacy or case-work perspective.

The factsheets are working drafts which are updated on a regular basis. The information contained in the factsheets is non-exhaustive and based on publicly available information. Organizations using the factsheets are encouraged to consult the original legislation where further information is necessary. The information included does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.

The factsheets are prepared by the ILO FAIRWAY Project, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.