Labour migration

Development of a national action plan for Uganda

The FAIRWAY Programme conducted a two day planning workshop with key migration national stakeholders in Uganda, with the goal of developing a national action plan.

Official workshop opening by the Chief Guest Mr. Lawrence Egulu, Commissioner for Employment; Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
Bringing together 15 participants from the Ugandan Government, Employers’ and Workers’ organizations, private sector and civil society organizations, the in-person meeting (conducted with all mandated COVID-19 standard operating procedures) aimed to:
  1. Discuss labour migration issues at national, regional and global level
  2. Present the FAIRWAY Programme to key stakeholders in Uganda
  3. Identify country level priorities and activities to be implemented under the Programme.
The discussion led to a common understanding of labour migration issues in Uganda among key stakeholders and identification of key priorities to be tackled through the project.

This national plan can be viewed here.