Lebanon Labour Force and Households’ Living Conditions Survey 2017

Lebanon's Central Administration for Statistics (CAS) and the ILO have embarked upon an EU funded project to produce reliable, timely and representative statistical data on the current conditions of work in the country.

Lebanon has experienced in the past significant lack of reliable and timely data on the conditions of work and life in the country. This difficult situation was exacerbated with the adverse impact of the Syrian crisis on residents and refugees in Lebanon. In response, the Central Administration for Statistics (CAS), Lebanon’s official body responsible for national statistics, and the ILO, have launched a project entitled the Labour Force and Households’ Living Conditions Survey (LFHLCS). The LFHLCS survey will be the first to produce estimates at the national, governorate (mohafaza) and subnational district (caza) levels. It will provide regional disparities and characteristics. Such indicators will inform policy-making and labour market information systems that are instrumental for human development planning.


  • Improve the quantity and quality of socioeconomic statistical information in general including the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis;
  • Provide socioeconomic indicators and statistical data on labour force and living conditions of residents in Lebanon nationally and at the level of the 26 cazas.

Main Activities

  • Design and develop the survey methodology and tools;
  • Carry out LFHLCS field preparations, pilot and validate survey instruments;
  • Launch the LFHLCS survey in Lebanon over the course of one year in four quarterly rounds;
  • Process and analyze the data gathered and prepare an LFHLCS report on the findings;
  • Disseminate the survey results among potential users as relevant.


  • Provision of reliable information and analysis at the national and subnational level regarding key characteristics of the labour force as well as socio-demographic and living conditions of the residents in Lebanon including Syrian refugees;
  • Publications and electronic reports on relevant statistical indicators and tables on a range of labour and living conditions characteristics.