Inclusive Green Economic Growth for Jordan's Refugee and Host Communities

A new ILO project funded by the Government of Italy aims to build a sustainable and inclusive green labor market for Jordan's refugee and host communities.

Press release | 28 March 2023

Amman, Jordan - The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, have launched a 24-month, 1.5 million euro “Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) and Decent Employment in Jordan” project.

The ILO project aims to create a more inclusive and accessible green labour market in Jordan by generating immediate green job opportunities and promoting green enterprise development for vulnerable Syrian refugee and Jordanian men and women, including persons with disabilities, in the Irbid and Mafraq Governorates.

The project seeks to increase access to decent green jobs and skills through green local infrastructure projects, as well as enhance female-run small and micro green enterprises. This includes capacity building for 60 engineers and technicians from the public sector, generating 20,000 green working days in public works projects, and providing on-the-job training to 300 workers for post-employment job opportunities.

The project will also provide training for 100 women and administer business development support through the established network of trainers in phase I of the project, as well as providing seed funds for 70 women to establish and expand their small and micro businesses.

The project's theme is centered around green works and climate action. By partnering with the Ministry of Local Administration, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Environment, and Training Provider Entities, the ILO project aims to create a promising environment for achieving real and lasting impact.

“The EIIP, by fostering decent employment in Jordan, is a crucial step towards building a more inclusive and accessible green labor market in the country, promoting sustainable economic growth, and reducing inequalities,” stated the Ambassador of Italy, H.E. Luciano Pezzotti.

"As longstanding partners, Italy and the ILO are committed to building a more inclusive and accessible labor market in Jordan. This generous contribution by the Italian Cooperation comes at a critical time when many workers are struggling to earn a living due to the COVID-19 pandemic's aftermath, which has exacerbated the challenges posed by a decade-long protracted crisis," remarked ILO Country Coordinator, Mr. Patrick Daru

The project also contributes to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, particularly Goal 5 on Gender Equality and Empowerment of all Women and Girls, Goal 8 on Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work, Goal 10 on Reducing Inequalities, and Goal 13 on Climate Action.

The “EIIP and decent employment in Jordan” project is a crucial step towards building a more inclusive and accessible green labor market in Jordan, promoting sustainable economic growth, and reducing inequalities.