ILO to conduct SCREAM module workshop in Syria

The workshop aims to train attendees in implementing the SCREAM programme which works to defend children’s rights through education, art, and media.

The ILO, in collaboration with the UNCHR, will hold a five-day training workshop in Damascus for child protection coordinators and facilitators to assist participants to prepare, implement, and evaluate the activities of the Supporting Children’s Rights through Media, the Arts, and Media (SCREAM) programme. The workshop will focus on the ways to combat child labour, explore the objectives and modules of the SCREAM programme, and practice the activities of SCREAM’s seven modules.

Workshop participants will include facilitators and coordinators from implementing agencies and NGOs Al-Nada in Damascus and Rural Damascus, Al-Namaa from Aleppo, and Child Care from Homs. Other attendees include those from UNHCR-supported community centers, as well as participants from the Directorate of Social Affairs in Homs, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, The General Federation of Trade Unions, the representatives from various Syrian Chambers of Commerce, labour inspectors and public servants.

The workshop will be based on visual aids and an ILO training manual distributed to all participants. Workshop sessions will employ active and participatory training methods and techniques that focus on participant interaction, dialogue, as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences. The worksop will also provide an opportunity for attendees to share their work concerns, role play, brainstorm and participate in various group activities and exercises related to the SCREAM programme. 

At the end of the training, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Plan and prepare SCREAM programme activities;
  • Implement SCREAM programme activities;
  • Evaluate activities after implementation in order to develop and improve future performance;
The SCREAM programme aims to promote awareness among young people about children’s rights, with a focus on child labour, so that they in turn can speak out and mobilise their communities to act.
Ultimately, SCREAM seeks to change social attitudes to promote a culture of respect for children’s rights and to strengthen the worldwide movement against child labour.

The workshop falls under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the ILO and Syria’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MOSAL) in May 2018. Under the MOU outlines the intention of MOSAL, the GFTU and various Syrian Chambers of Commerce and Industry to provide relevant educational activities to 400 children using the SCREAM programme and other materials.