Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum in the Middle East and North Africa

Women in the MENA region have been progressing in the economy, following similar global trends, and have been positioning themselves at more prominent business and management levels. Still their full potential remains underutilized, resulting in significant missed opportunities for economic development in the region.

Driven by the International Labour Organization’s fundamental commitment to promote equal opportunities for both women and men in the world of work, the International Labour Organization Regional Office for Arab States launches a regional report “Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum in the Middle East and North Africa.”

The launch of the report will be an opportunity to showcase practical solutions for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa to attract and retain qualified women in business and management. The event will build on insights and know-how of business leaders and employers’ organizations who successfully overcame barriers and made the business case for working women a reality. Through the analysis of global and regional good practices, the conference will provide participants with the most effective trends on how gender equality means business.

The event will take place under the auspices of the Omani Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and will be attended by approximately 60 representatives from the private sector. The programme of the event is available here.  

The Regional report follows the success of the ILO Global report on “Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum."