Prevention, protection and prosecution against forced labour in Qatar

The entire joint programme of the ILO and the Ministry of Labour (MOL) contributes to the prevention of forced labour by reducing systemic vulnerabilities in recruitment, and employment and working conditions. Under this Pillar, efforts focus on strengthening the implementation of law and policiesy and legislation, and training MOL and other government officials.

The programme is also collaborating with the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking to support to the opening and operation of the shelters for victims of exploitation, and to raise awareness among officials and in society.
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    Qatar’s labour reforms in numbers

    14 May 2022

    In recent years, the Government of Qatar has introduced major labour reforms, marking a new era for labour relations. This short video animation presents the achievements and some of the remaining priorities in terms of the implementation of Qatar’s labour reforms.

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    Qatar’s labour reforms: what has been achieved?

    02 January 2022

    In recent years, the Government of Qatar has introduced major labour reforms, marking a new era for workers and employers. Key legislation and systems have been introduced to protect workers, and efforts are ongoing to ensure these reforms are fully implemented.

  3. Publication

    The Fight Against Forced Labour and Trafficking for Labour Exploitation in Qatar

    30 July 2021

    What is forced labour and human trafficking? And how are these crimes addressed in Qatari law? This handbook serves as a guide for understanding and identifying these crimes and the national strategy to combat them.

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    Promising practices for fair recruitment: Piloting fair recruitment from Bangladesh to Qatar in the construction sector

    07 April 2021

    This promising practice is part of a series, and results from a stocktaking exercise undertaken five years after the launch of the Fair Recruitment Initiative (FRI).

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    Working in Qatar: important documents to keep safe

    11 November 2020

    When working in Qatar, make sure take good care of important documents. This short video gives you some tips on how to keep safe your passport, your Qatar ID card, your ATM card, your employment contract and your heath card.

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    Passport confiscation is illegal!

    30 July 2020

    Passport confiscation is illegal in the State of Qatar and could be an indicator of forced labour and human trafficking.

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    Targeted training for labour inspectors in Qatar on forced labour and human trafficking

    30 July 2020