Governance of skills development systems

Meaningful tripartite governance is key to the success of any skills development system. Together with other partners like the European Training Foundation, GIZ and IECD, the ILO aims to strengthen the governance of skills development systems at both national and sector levels in order to:

  • Improve market relevance of the training programmes;
  • enhance workplace based training systems;
  • evaluate the employment outcomes of training sessions; and
  • assess linkages between recognised competencies and wage levels.
In recent years, the National Strategic Framework for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Lebanon (2018-2022) was adopted and incorporated a clear component on tripartite governance. In Jordan, the ILO provided support to the Sector Skills Councils in industries such as garments and chemicals. Additionally, the ILO provided input to the new technical and vocational education and training (TVET) law in Jordan which encourages more active and meaningful participation of the private sector at both national and sector levels.