Common interests, shared goals: Promoting decent work from Asia and Africa to the Middle East

The Paper discusses the challenges in the Asia and Africa to Arab States corridors with respect to these thematic areas, with reference to relevant international standards, and elaborates promising practices to address these challenges.

Conference paper | 02 October 2017
This Background paper aims to inform the Interregional Consultation, to provide questions for discussion, and possible ideas for actionable commitments, which could form part of the GCM negotiations going forward.

Part 1 provides an overview of stocks and flows of migrants (and where possible, migrant workers) from Asia and Africa to the Arab States, noting the challenges of limited availability of data.

Part 2 sets out the key themes of the Interregional Consultation, namely: (a) fair recruitment, (b) decent work for migrant workers, (c) addressing irregularity, and (d) governance of labour migration.