Distance Course on Dispute Resolution System for Mongolia

At the request of the ILO Office for China and Mongolia, ITC-ILO has developed this course on dispute resolution system for the Mongolian tripartite partners, namely the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MLSP), the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) and the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF). It is part of the ILO effort to promote effective dispute resolution systems and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No 16 on access to justice. The course is supported by the ILO RBSA project on Promoting Formal Employment for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia.


ITC Distance Course in Mongolian

The promotion of sound industrial relations is a critical part of effective labour market governance. It requires an effective system for the prevention and resolution of labour disputes. There are times when the relationship between workers and employers and their respective organizations will be harmonious and cooperative; at other times there may be disagreement and conflict. Some conflict is inevitable in any employment relationship and accepted as normal.

The inevitability of labour conflicts, however, does not mean that they should be ignored.

Conflict can develop into a dispute with negative consequences for the parties involved and the broader economy and thus needs to be managed.

Ideally, conflicts arising within the workplace can be prevented from escalating into formal disputes that then require the intervention of third parties, including State institutions.

Strengthening dispute prevention and resolution within workplaces is thus of fundamental importance. However, it is also necessary to consider the various arrangements outside the workplace that can assist employers and workers and their organizations to resolve their disputes.

Providing a voluntary, free of charge , and expeditious mechanism for labour disputes settlement as required by ILO standards is therefore crucial.

Mongolia is currently in the process of reforming its labour dispute resolution process. This process has started with an assessment by a tripartite working group of the current dispute resolution system. Through this platform, Mongolian participants will have an opportunity to improve their competencies related to labour dispute resolution system and therefore be in a better position to contribute to any attempt to improve the effectiveness of Mongolian Dispute resolution system.

This platform in English and Mongolian is made of the following five modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Labour Dispute Prevention and Resolution
Module 2: Assessment of Labour Dispute Resolution System in Mongolia
Module 3: Introduction to Conciliation/Mediation of Labour Disputes
Module 4: The Conciliation/Mediation Process
Module 5: Preventing Labour Disputes

The modules in Mongolian
Every week a new module will be available but participants can access each of these modules at their own pace. Each module is made of videos, reading, exercises and quizzes. After completion of the 5 modules, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

General objective

The general objective of the distance course is to improve the participants’ knowledge on effective mechanisms of labour dispute prevention and resolution.

Specific objectives

At the end of the distance course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the essential elements of a dispute prevention and resolution system;
  • Explain ILO standards related to dispute prevention and resolution;
  • Refer to good practices
  • Identify possible actions for improving Mongolia national system of dispute resolution;


Over 80 participants from MLSP, MONEF, CMTU, Authority for Labour and Welfare Services (both the central office and local offices), General Agency for Specialized inspection (labour inspectors), National Statistics Office, General Council of Court; National Development Agency; Mongolian Bar Association, various universities, research institutions and enterprises have enrolled for this course.