Tripartite Workshop on Reduction of Informal Employment in the Construction Sector through Labour Inspection

The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) will host a tripartite workshop as part of its efforts to address issues and challenges of informal workers in the construction sector. The workshop is supported by the ILO RBSA project “Formal Employment Is Promoted for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia”.

Opening session of the workshop
CMTU is committed to improving labour and social protection of workers in the informal economy by increasing its representation and through social dialogue. At CMTU’s initiative, parties to the National Tripartite Agreement for Labour and Social Consensus for 2019-2020 agreed to ensure compliance with a provision of the Law on Construction that requires construction companies to employ workers under an employment contract in specified types of work. This is meant to reduce informal employment in the construction sector by bringing construction workers who work on the basis of non-employment contract and improving their working conditions and protection.

Workshop participants
About 30 participants from CMTU, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mongolian Employers’ Federation, General Agency for Specialized Inspection, Municipal Specialized Inspection Department, Construction Workers’ Trade Union Federation and construction companies will discuss the current status of compliance with the above mentioned legal provision and ways to ensure its implementation including through improved labour inspection interventions.